My last three novels:

  • Kobe pass me the ball, a young boy on the path of becoming a basketball star gets injured badly.
  • Confession of a psychopath, a guy runs aways from his family in Rome, Italy, when is brother dies.
  • I hate Italians, childrens life in an African country are in danger because of the Italian mafia.

In Italy I’m published by Il Foglio Lettario, in Bulgaria by Via Lettera.

If you are interest in the rights of any of those books, feel free to e-mail me at

In the meantime you can read for free my short story Good Morning Rome and Age is just a number.


The Bulgarian cover

About Confession of a psychopath, on the Bulgarian’s publisher website is written:

‘Diary of a young psychopath’ is his second novel, published in Italy in December 2011. Behind the seemingly bombastic titles of Ponte’s novels, there is always some extremely honest and moving story, told through the voice of a young contemporary. Ponte does not impose his opinion of his characters on the reader. He is not even trying to make his characters likeable but they are surely credible. His open interactive approach involves the reader into a direct dialogue with them.

As some critics in Italy comment on the novel, at first sight the protagonist Luigi may put you off as vain, even selfish. His purely juvenile reflex to be ironic and undermine everything that surrounds him may prove to be revolting at first. But on a deeper level his arrogance is just an attempt to mask the pain, sadness and his internal insecurity.

Luigi’s attempts to run away from his problems and at the same time to start a new life, however, lead him to a fundamental internal conflict, which he needs to solve in order to move on. It is precisely his youthful rebellion and lack of experience that at the end of the day make him look authentic and accepted by the reader.

Diary of a young psychopathgathered even more popularity after it was published as eBook on Amazon in 2013 with high sales and numerous comments from readers.