Good Morning Rome


Good Morning Rome is a collection of short stories that one day I may unite to create a huge novel. In the meantime you can download the first one for free from Amazon and many other websites!

Or read it directly on your browser through Scribd!

It was translated in English by Christopher Woodall.

From the first page:

They come to Rome by plane, boat, train, coach. They hitchhike or they come on foot. They come looking for success, hope, or God. They come for art, for Roman antiquity, for museums, exhibitions, History. They come to Rome because it’s the Eternal City.
They come looking for work. They come so they can study and then find work. They come. ‘And it’s a good thing they do come,’ says the Ancient Roman soldier standing outside the Coliseum. ‘Please! Just think about it, will you? If these people didn’t come, how would anyone ever find the dough to keep this city afloat?’
This is one guy who really does get it, one of the few guys of his age who gets it. Without all these people coming and churning the money around, we’d have nothing. Not a damn thing. Crumbling walls is all.
They come to Rome to get close to power.
They come to Rome to feel they’re artists.
They come to gamble or to deal drugs. But the main thing – you may as well admit it – is that they come. All of them.