The best documentary I’ve seen on YouTube

No, is not Before the flood by Leonardo Di Caprio, which is good but didn’t tell me much because I was already informed about this topic, although something made on a smaller scale with the help of lots of people around the world, The future of cities by Oscar Boyson.

As many other people, I’ve arrived to Oscar through Casey Neistat – still somehow I’ve the feeling that I’ve seen him before, like a déjà vu effect. At first I was like: “Cool, he’s good but I’m not gonna subscribe to his channel”, then I’ve got a scholarship in a film school and started realising: “Gosh, he’s works stoods up. He really knows his craft” and I subscribed not just because he his an interesting human being that covers nice topics, but also to learn from him.

After seeing all his videos, I think this one is the best his done both for quality of the content and meaning of it. He thinks before shooting, he’s not shy to ask for help, he makes researches, reads books and makes up his mind. Only then he presses the bloody record button of the camera.

If I’d ever meet him, I want to shake his hand and thank him because he made me realise how much I love documentaries, a powerful form a of storytelling that I’ve started making – I still neeed to learn a lot – on my Italian YouTube channel (I’ll put subtitles and publish on the English one soon).

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