Alex Strohl: How to have a voice on Instagram

Finding your voice on Social Media is the title of a video made by Bradley Friesen where he has the occasion to ask one of the most successful instagrammers ever: “What does it take to develop an audiance and have a voice on the internet?”

Alex Strohl answer’s is so meaningful that I could write it on the walls of my room:

“In order to have a voice you need to have something to say. I don’t think you get a voice because you are bored, you get a voice because […] you have something that comes inside of you and that’s genuine […] I think it’s more about telling a good story, a compelling one. Think it: why is this interesting? Why is it valuable to the audience? If you want to have people’s attention, you need to think about what are you gonna tell them, why they would listen to you, why they would look at your photos… It’s about finding this deep reason. So for me the reason is to inspire people to go out.”

Here is the video, if you would like to hear it yourself.

I hope you people are working on finding your own voice. In any artistic / entertaiment work you need to have your unique voice to be recognisable, to stand up. There is no other way around. Be yourself. Create some beautiful art now, today.

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