The Wall Street Journal went too far

Aiming for the clickbait is not something you’d expect from the well respected Wall Street Journal, but apparently the hate or more probably the envy that they feel when they see self made people being more succesful that them on the Internet, makes them act like the worst gossip magazine on this planet, like the cool kid punishing the nerd for getting good grades.

Fake news, the so famous sentence nowdays, applies to them like a coat in winter’s season. Taking satire and comedy as if it was real, not understanding European/Scandinavian sense of humor and finding it as a good excuse to denigrate PewDiePie, making him loose his contract with Disney, but also runing the reputation of all the people that worked with him, Felix Kjellberg, at his show… My compliments Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicas, Ben Fritz and Jake Nicol.

Taking things out of contest is not real Journalism. It’s fake news!

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