What I learned from Joe Lansdale!

It was a tremendous honor to make a photo with him!

On Saturday I was at the Firenze Book Fair, Firenze Libro Aperto, and the main guest of the event was Joe R. Lansdale, an author that maybe in USA is not so famous, but here in Italy is a rock star!

During the presentation of his book Paradise Sky, he told a very interesting fact about it:

In the 80’s I tried to publish a novel about a black cowboy and they told me: “White don’t read about blacks, blacks don’t read at all…”

In the 90’s I tried again with the same novel and they gave him a more politically correct answer.

In 2000 finally they said yes to it, apparently the world was ready to accept such stuff.

Persistence was his biggest and stongest gift. In this life we need to to be persistent to reach our goal. Persistence is the key to everything!

He also spoke about other interesting and big topics such as racism, and concerning that he wasn’t happy about those people that they say “I’m not doing that, I’m not racist” but at the same time they are not trying to change the world, they just stay apart and do nothing from their safe seat.


You can buy his books in English here: http://amzn.to/2m7OrdO

Or in Italian here: http://amzn.to/2mlzh0o


If you’re interested, I made a travel vlog about me going to Florence and filiming Joe’s book presentation:

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